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Sunday, May. 23, 2004
My son shows up last night wearing these atrocious shoes.

Yes they were all of $2.99 last summer at Big Lots and after an entire year of abuse they look …uh..like I said ATROCIOUS. Sponge has definitely lost all of his Bob. The kid has other shoes, but his dad (have I mentioned he’s atrocious too??) brings him over here looking like a welfare recipient. It pisses me off. Bad! Furthermore, the way he chooses to spend his money has always been a bone of contention and when I see my kid looking like this…it pisses me off just like the old days. Might I mention that he brought him to b.f.’s restaurant and then sat there like a dork in his vehicle waiting for me to walk over there and make small talk with him. Ha…as if I want to chit chat with him? I never did walk over there.

So even though his father makes 3 times as much as I do….I had to hook a cute kid up with some new shoes. I made a deal with him and he earned some dough from me by making my bed and doing some other small time chores. He said he wanted PHAT Farm shoes and if you know what these are they are NOT cheap. But alas…after much mall raping and pillaging we found a pair that he was happy about in addition to being something I could afford. Apparently when you’re sporting PHAT Farm shoes they must be big enough to flip flop on your feet if you wanna be all that and cool too. In a school where he wears a uniform it’s all about the shoes baby!!

So now that we’re back from the mall we’re just chilling like villains. Chloe’s being mucho laggard today.

This next picture woulda been so cute if it wasn’t so blurry but I still like it.

But it’s all good because I do have this one…..he’s happy with his new shoes and I’m happy just because he’s happy and that’s enough for me.

We went and saw Shrek 2 today. I recommend that movie to anyone who wants to laugh with their kids. It’s hella funny. All in all a nice day was had. I adore my kid. When he’s around I am a happy girl.

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