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all out of change

Thursday, Sept. 12, 2002
Someone’s coming back to FL. I was too scared, a little fearful of him because he could be “reality”. I spent 2 ˝ years thinking I was in love with “him” (what a fool idea that was) and so at the time this confused me about this boy coming back.

The boy coming back to FL to live….he and I made sand castles together last year. He’s from my home state. He’s…on my mind.

Do you think I could be a happy girl being with a carnie boy? I mean isn’t that one step over from a convict boy? Can you see me living on cotton candy and funnel cakes? He seriously operates a game booth where you have to throw a baseball and break two plates to win a big floppy dog.

He tells me I’m gorgeous and he wants to marry me. You can’t marry a married girl.

Sometimes I think I love everyone, but mostly I realize I love no one. Love has to be given in the same amounts that it is taken. Everyone I have ever loved has a tollbooth heart and I’m all out of change.

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