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Monday, Sept. 09, 2002
The “pussy” mobile is getting a new alternator…grrr.. I hate cars. I wish we all had cars like the Flinstones. Just put feet down and yabba dabba fuel forward.

I’m home for the afternoon. “Bucky” is sick. The school called and it was my turn to go. So I worked til 11:30 and now I’m home. His throat hurts. And thing is, so does mine. He actually told me ‘my taste bud’s hurt in the top of my mouth” teeehee.. But I know what he’s saying because the top or roof of my mouth near the back is what hurts, not my actual throat.

So I left work, called a friend on the way to get “Bucky”. He started a vending machine business about um about 2 years ago and its been pretty dang successful. He puts M&M’s in there and stuff. It’s not difficult, but does take time and effort. We talked last night about it and I called him today and asked for the links to the stuff that he bought and uses so that I can check it all out. But lets just say that on a few machines in his area, he’s pulling in about $2,000 a month. If I could do that, I would be set. Not rich mind you, but an extra 2k would certainly go far in helping me achieve what I want to do with my life. He’s bored with it and its menial to him, and he’s moved on to other things. But he’s been successful and its been a good thing for him. He says he’s tired of jars of quarters hanging around his house. I wish I had that problem…..

Ok so I made that call…and picked up “Bucky” and then I came home and wow…Sandy sent me a package with a card and a nice little book entitled “Shakespeare’s Garden” The cover of this book is really pretty. And I already read through it and …awwwww I’ve gotta say, this brightened up my day in unbelievable ways. And…c’mon besides the fact that she did something really nice for me…there’s daisies in this book! Daisies I tell ya…. With this passage…

When daisies pied
and violets blue…

Do paint the meadows
With delight
-Love Labour’s Lost, V, 2

So I got curious and I looked for the rest online…its quite lovely…. And you can read it right here

You are truly amongst the best things that came out of my Diaryland experiences….and I’ve had plenty of ‘em. Thank you for your friendship…for your unending support and a depth of understanding that I have found little of elsewhere. There are days when it is the only bright light shining in my dark world. I’m glad you seem to have an endless supply of flashlight batteries over there and if you ever run out, I’ll just make a road trip.

I’m putting this beautiful book on my shelf in my living room, tilted behind a candle. I appreciate it, it matters to me, and it will always be something I look at when life just gets too damn ugly at 2 a.m. I think you are a flower along my path in life, and I’m really glad I know you.

Thank you!


the proposal came…from David…it was and is sincere on his part..he's asking that I give him a chance... one time we cruised around when all the houses were lit up with christmas lights…he kept saying he wanted to go “bink” and make all the lights go out…on the houses… “take one out and bink they all go out”

me: teeheeee
me: ;-)
me: that was and still is just the best
dave: was it
me: for the rest of my life....I will never look at a string of lights the same way again
me: never
dave: lol goood
me: i saw patio lights one time about 2 months ago at a pool party
me: i stood there thinking "bink...."
me: when someone comes through your life ....brief as it might have been...but they remain long after the silence....they remain in your heart like that.... its a beautiful thing
me: i have this quote on my website
me: for something i myself aspire to be....
me: it says ...
me: “I want to have meant enough that some part of who I was will always be some small part of who you have yet to be.”
me: you are that way for me
me: you left....but you remained
me: it was like as long as I know David's out there...then there's something good in this world...a reason to believe that amazing things can happen
me: to sit with someone and just watch the moon and be that content.... to laugh that way...doing nothing.... to truly feel like the whole world is amazing......because of someone just being there with you... I've never known those feelings before or since you...that night
dave: wow
dave: i like that
me: you like what?
me: my quote?
dave: yes it is very nice
me: i wrote that quote.... it started out because of my wish to be something towards my son that neither of my parents ever were for me
dave: i wish i could write like that ,but i can only talk like that
dave: u have a beautiful way of writing
me: everyone tells me that i'm a good writer...its not that I'm a good writer
dave: what then?
me: its more that I have all this love...all these emotions...that no one has ever wanted
me: so I sat and gave it all to paper
me: paper never turns its back on you
dave: GIVE IT TO MEEEE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,GIVE IT TO ME NOW WOMAN
me: teeheee
me: you want to be my paper ?
dave: yes
2:34 p.m. ::
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