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all there is...is this - poem

Monday, May. 27, 2002
All there is...is this

You are different better
Sadly beautiful
Depressingly happy
An unsent letter
Written by a fool

You are so many things
But Im always left with a dream
You remain mere silence
That never competes to
Win over my scream

You are a nightmare
Chasing me in the dark
I keep reminding myself
To stop running
But your fire is so searing
Im too afraid of the beauty
Of your tiny sparks

Screw me back to the stars
Hang me from your sky
Kiss me into oblivion
Electrocute me as I cry

Write away all of my words
Until youve sucked my last wish
I sigh when you speak to me
Wrinkling underneath my clothes
Flesh against flesh like bliss

Reality comes back to me
And this..me searching
This is all there ever is
11:54 p.m. ::
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