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Wednesday, Jul. 31, 2002


Ok how many times do you think I’ve asked myself this all morning? Yeah..he dropped that news on me this morning before I left for work.

And guess what, I am now stuck driving the pussy mobile. My car is ixnay. I just gave the towtruck driver the keys and said “seeya” cause I don’t think I’ll ever see it again. So I am ms. pussy mobile. The company husband works for gave him a company truck to use until we get it all straight. I gotta get a new car. I’ve been putting it off, putting it off…and now it looks like I will have no dang choice. I didn’t want payments…grrr..

Ok so back to that March/April thing.

Lets think about this. This means…

Sweetest Day
Groudhog Day
Valentines Day
St. Patricks Day

Isn’t that nutso to think about? Yeah until I look at my list of things that I need to get straightened out in my life. Then those months don’t seem like long enough somehow. But I have a list and a plan. One thing is going to be to go back to the first 2 weeks of Dr. Atkins and again jumpstart things. I say this as I drink vanilla coke and munch of cornuts because I’m stressed out. But… I am happy to say, my pants are not too tight. The added exercise is working.

The time difference is huge. When I talked to him this morning, it was late afternoon over there. I think it’s like an 8 hour difference. Insane. So he’s saying good morning to me when he’s about to go to sleep soon. Very odd.

I don’t know. I can’t believe I’m doing this. But it’s different. It’s entirely different. It’s even hard for me to explain. It just is different…

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