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sweetest day

Saturday, Oct. 16, 2004
Today is Sweetest Day. It's a holiday people. Go tell the sweetest person you know that they are the sweetest person you know and give 'em a lifesaver or something. It's NOT Valentine's Day so don't even go there...just be sweet to someone sweet.

I’m at the U…working until 5:30 and the man is off today and tomorrow. Why is it that when he’s off I’m working and when I’m off he’s workimg. Why does that always happen?

Last night was soo nice and so very needed. The man and I went out to dinner. Steak dinner. Mmm good. We shared dessert and we talked a lot. :-) I like talking…talking ranks up there with sexing and reading, but not in THAT order.

Since I proposed to the man I do not have an engagement ring but he does. I realize this is not the ordinary but this is no ordinary love. However he did tell me to go and look at rings and let him know what I liked. So I did. Last night I took him to see what I had chosen and get some feedback etc. I told him any of the ones I pointed out (there were several) were very nice. He decided that I needed to have something bigger! What’s with men and the need for size? However, it’s not big that I want its design and functionality. Ok how can wedding rings have functionality?

Well….when you have two rings side by side that are not attached soldered or designed to fit together then one will inevitably roll around your finger while the other rolls in the opposite direction. You will spend half your days fixing them and putting them back right. I know this shit from 11 yrs of doing it and hating those fucking rings so badly and hating the ex so badly that I ended up in a fit of rage and pure frustration throwing them right out the sunroof of my Honda Prelude onto the Howard Franklin Bridge. They didn’t even make a “kerplunk” sound because lets face it. Those rings were shit that could never be shinola’d. Ever. I always felt that he bought them because he “had” to and not because of the right reasons and I just hated them. They were plain and boring and just shite I tell you…total shite. Ohhh and the ex never wore his ring. The fiancé always wears his ring. Always. I totally love that about him. There’s never been a time since I gave it to him that I see him and it’s not there on his finger. It’s always there. Yes I typed the word always 3 times. SO what.

So now that he’s seen what I like I’ll be surprised by what he mutually likes and chooses. But as I told him last night, the ring the dress..the colors..the cake….all nice things…what matters to me most? That he and I are happy…that he knows he is loved. Always! Yes these rings matter to me, they will be from him about him and about us. When I married the first time I can’t possibly recall what I was thinking except I do know that I had no bond with him. We knew each other for 2 months. 2 months only. (no I was NOT pregnant….I didn’t get pregnant for another yr and half). But 2 months is not enough to bet your lifetime on. R. and I have already been thru more together than most couples survive in a lifetime. I trust him with my life, I don’t think twice about sharing everything I have with him.

Last night it was very cool here in Florida. I opened the windows in the apartment and listened to the night sounds and the cool breeze floated thru the room. I love when he can stay over. It’s not like it was when we lived together. It will never be like that again. We had such a rocky road and we’re so past all of that. There’s calmness to the sea these days and I for one am in this place within that is absolutely lovely. We watched a movie, “First 50 Dates”. It was ok. We went to bed early because we’re both all about getting more sleep these days. I simply love to lay there with him and listen to him breath….simplicity at it’s finest.

He mentioned going to the beach tonight after work and watching the sunset together. Awww…how nice is that idea???


quote from sweetest day card I will give to the man tonight...

"If you were a book I'd read you a million times and then I'd eat the pages too....licking all the words."
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