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Friday, Jun. 07, 2002
The other night I went hereand spent 3 hours checking out all kinds of great stuff. I bought a CD by this really great guy, Jack Johnson. He’s great!

After I got so sucked into that website I dropped Jamie a few lines suggesting that Blue Joules list their CD on there. He immediately replied back and told me they were already on there.

So I rush back there to do a search and sure ‘nuff… Yearbook is on there already! And someone chose to feature Pop a Pill and allow it to be one of the songs you can hear. A few people have been asking me where to hear it now because the band took them off of their site. You can hear the band on cdbaby and on mp3.

Listen/Buy Blue Joules here

Ok so this all brings something else up, something that I’ve been thinking about since last night. A friend of mine told me after I told her “do ya ever read someone’s diary and wish that was your life? She said, yeah like you have lived my dream, having someone say your name and announce your song up on stage like that…

That really made me reevaluate and maybe I take this whole thing for granted…. I know I am thankful and excited as hell. And if I talk about the band and the songs and stuff so much like I do, its because it’s something that means a great deal to me. It’s a huge part of what I want in my life. I am a creative person and I finally got this great outlet… and that’s exciting as hell.

If I ever have a bad day, I go open that CD and read my name in the cover, I read the lines where the band thanks me…and I just can’t help but smile. It’s not about me thinking I’m all that. If you read my life here you know if anything I’m a neurotic girl with a major self esteem problem and so many hang-ups that there’s clothespins falling out of my ass….so you know that’s not it. It’s that this is “me” this is the one thing in my life that is only about me, about my efforts, about my creativity and about my writing. And completely about who I am.

I think I’ve always wanted that novel with my name on it. When I was 10 the most important person in my life was Judy Blume. I used to wish beyond anything you can imagine that she was my Mom. I think constantly about writing a book but just don’t know where to start. I think you just have to start and I have to get off my ass and do it. But this…this whole lyrical thing.

This was my dream. It started when this guy Bruce Blough wrote a song based upon a line of conversation that I had said. I had told him in a fit of laughter after trying in vain to be serious… “you destroy me like that” He wrote a song “destroy me like that” and I still wish I could remember it past this. But I do remember him playing his guitar and singing to me over the phone and I thought “wow…I said that…I thought that…wow”

I’m like a little kid when I hear my song. I can never be objective and I am highly critical and wonder what I was thinking when I wrote this or wrote that and why that word and not this word and…and…..

To me music is life. It is oxygen. Lyrics…they run through my mind 24/7. Always. My lyrics, other lyrics I’ve heard. Right now it’s all about Jack Johnson happening in my head. There’s music playing all the time in my life. Even as I sleep it is playing and my dreams are always lyrical and I am just who I am…. And maybe someone else telling me that they wished for what I had known made me realize that one of my dreams came true. I know that when I think of that CD laying all over the Tampa Bay area I look up at the sky and whisper Thank you…


(special thanks to Jen for your words… ;-)

Sexy Plexy Sexy sexy made up of plexi disasters
Pushing and pulling conservative rolling
Unlike plastic, easier to see through
Just like glass with no ring
Softer and sadder you sing
Sexy sexy do your thing
Learn to be shy and then you can sting
Plexi, plexi bend don't shatter
Once your broken shape won't matter

Your breaking your mind
By killing the time that kills you
But you can't blame the time
When its only in your mind

Quickly quickly grow and then you'll know
It is such and awkward show to see
And everyone you wanted to know
And everyone you wanted to meet
Have all gone away
Well they've all gone away

And now you're
Breaking your mind
By killing the time that kills you
But you cant blame the time
When its only in your mind
You're breaking your mind
Jack Johnson buy Jack here
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