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Thursday, Jul. 04, 2002
I have had lots of thoughts about writing about this topic for quite some time now but never knew how to approach it. I got my answer when "someone who didn't want me to post his conversation--but his name starts with a B and it's not Brad and he's in my cast" decided to be a typical guy and blame normal human emotions on the female reproduction system. If you read this and you happen to know anything about this, please please please email me with it. I have yet to find a doctor that knows what they’re doing. They all wanna throw me on the pill. I am about ready to do just that. I just have resisted for so long because I hate the idea of jacking my body full of manmade chemicals again. But I need to….

B: right now you is bitchy bitchy bitchy....
B: are you on your *period*?
Me: no
Me: are you ?
B: hmmm
B: i don't have periods
Me: yeah you're stuck on pms
Me: I don't have periods either
B: you don't?
Me: nope
B: since when?
Me: I don't
Me: for about 8 years
B: you don't bleed "down there" at all?
Me: lol no
Me: not "down there" or anywhere at all
Me: you're about to get educated
B: you never told me that before.....
B: educated about what?
Me: amenorrhea
B: what is that?
Me: http://www.advancedfertility.com/amenor.htm
B: hmmm
Me: hmm nothing
B: why is that?
Me: there's not a doctor I have gone to that has been able to pinpoint the reason in my case but I believe it is due to the Norplant that I had in my arm for a year and a half for birth control because as soon as I had it removed my periods stopped entirely and have never come back. I have had probably about 5 menses in the last 9 years.
B: sounds like it...
B: the norplant thing
Me: I had a thousand health problems when I had that in my arm including my large weight gain and headaches. Both of which I have battled ever since.
Me: lol you left fast
B: no I still here
Me: hey
Me: from now on don't blame my crankiness on tampon usage k?
B: well, at least you don't have to buy tampons
Me: nope I think the box I do have probably has moth holes in em
B: my ex would always run out, then want me to run to the store to get some
Me: I can honestly say I have never asked a man to do that for me. But then again I do ask them to buy me chocolate at 2 a.m.
B: i think she did that on purpose......never buy enough
Me: why?
B: dunno, it happened alot
Me: lol
Me: bad planner she was
B: prolly

I had a completely normal cycle down to the day until Norplant. I'm just glad i had a child before Norplant was ever in my arm. My son is healthy and bright and wonderful and when I have nightmares about health things being wrong with me due to no periods, I just thank god that I have him. I don’t tell anyone about this really. I just got pissed because Bryan assumed I was cranky because I was bleeding. Sometimes I miss cramps, I miss the ups and downs of the hormonal ride. I think I’m gonna print out that website information and go out on the search for the answer again. Like I said earlier, if you know something…email me..please. Oh and if you’re a guy and your girl asks you to buy her some tampons, just do it and when you’re at the store be grateful that you have a wonderful women in your life. Forget the fact that she can’t plan for shit and be glad that she’s “bloody healthy”.

And another thing it's not her "down there" its her vagina for crying out loud. Vagina Vagina Vagina. You like it so why are you afraid to call it that? Boys that can't say Vagina are can't "pee" boys too I bet! grrr.....

Hmm…well…yeah… so that was a painful entry…

-PoeticaL without a .
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