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Tuesday, Oct. 01, 2002
Delboy found out that I took American Psycho the book back just to get some cash, and he came over tonight and brought me a copy of the book. So I spent most of my evening laying in the bathtub full of soapsuds and reading. This character in this book is demented, but sounds handsome. Scary combination.

Husband got his emergency check, we paid the Mustang car payment, a few other bills, bought some groceries, paid for after school care and school lunches…and we’re ok now. Whew.. But I’m sure that’s just a temporary fix.

And what’s with a kids school lunch costing $2? I mean really? When I was in school (no my parents didn’t drive me there in the Flintstones mobile either!!!) lunch was a whopping 45 cents. Not anymore. And from what “Bucky” says about the school lunches…they suck.

Right now at this very moment I have a zit on my eyebrow that hurts really bad. And of course I keep messing with it because it feels like a boulder hanging from my eyelid. It feels horribly huge. Yet when I look into the mirror I can see nothing. It’s the silent deadly kind that always hurt the worst. This bastard is going to spawn some children that will most likely take up roost in my face. Fortunately I have been using this facial cleanser by Biore’ ($5 for a pump bottle I’ve been using for the last 2 months) that works amazingly well. I know that sounds untrue since I have an eyebrow mountain right now, but in all actuality my complexion looks amazingly beautiful right now even with this contusion. I just hope it doesn’t spawn and look pregnant in the morning.

Speaking of morning this new layout doesn’t have the time on it. I gotta figure that shit out and add it. Its odd to not have the time posted on an entry. Voila …I think I fixed it…yeah…sure did. I love myself when I figure stuff out. Have I ever mentioned I’m an html retard? Well if I haven’t then pretend I still haven’t and continue just thinking I’m the bomb ass genius you were thinking I was before.

I know someone that wants this and I bet “Bucky” would like it too. Maybe boys with sexy voices like nice toys?

Ok I’m in a good mood….have a headache still…but I am in a better mood. I think having cash in pocket is a mood booster.


Where's Bret Easton Ellis's next book???? Is he still writing???

I love this song!

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