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Andrew Fox

Thursday, Sept. 18, 2003
What does this say???

Yah I know I suck at that stupid paint program...
It’s an email that reads as follows.

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From: To: Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 1:06 PM
Subject: "Fat White Vampire Blues"

Dear Poetical Girl,

I was very pleased to come across your blog and learn that you've greatly enjoyed the first couple of chapters of "Fat White Vampire Blues." I hope you've continued to enjoy the book just as much as you've read more. It was an enormously fun book to write, as was its sequel, "Bride of the Fat White Vampire," which is not being edited by Chris Schluep at Ballantine Books. I expect that "Bride" will come out next summer.

If you'd like me to sign your copy (I also put a little cartoon of Jules on it), I'd be happy to provide my mailing address if you'd like to send me the book with enclosed SASE. Great to hear you received the book as a gift; that means that someone else thought highly enough of it to share it with you.

Take good care!

Best wishes,
Andrew Fox

Sometimes I think people think I make this shit up, but I’m telling you the best thing about my diary here is that the coolest writers contact me and there’s nothing more in life I like better. Their interaction and obvious kindness is so refreshing and I enjoy every single encounter, be it merely in text, more than you can imagine.

I have printed out every single email (save the dozens Tod has been so kind to share with me) I have gotten from writers in response to my praise, comments etc via the www. I love that on the www the room becomes small enough that you can have a voice and be heard by those that you wish you could just pass a few comments onto.

I am still reading Mr. Fox’s novel, I am on page 96, which is Chapter 7, and I’m in love with this book. Jules is a very interesting character. I doubt I’ll ever look at an obese man without wondering if he’s thinking about my blood type. I would suggest that anyone that is tired of reading the same old Oprah listed same old same sappy saga novels, go read one chapter of “Fat White Vampire Blues” and I challenge you not to want to buy it. It’s permanently on my “must buy for gifts” list. I’ve always said that characters remain within me, I tend to think of them during my every day life. I hope I never run into a Jules’a’like character in any dark alley at night.

The thing that’s really cool now is that I can drop Mr. Fox an email in the event that I have a question or just want to say “ahhhh page 110 was amazing….” Or “why oh why did you do that????” Either way, it put a smile on my face today and I never lose the excitement I feel when a “writer” I consider to have great skill’age acknowledges my simple words.

I’ll take all the crap questbook entries and criticism about my life choices, all the foolish emails about stupid things people think they know about you because you write online about your life. I have contemplated so many times killing my diary…it is precisely the fact that I love books and I love to read, and I love to write about these things, that keeps me from doing it. I have had great interactions with interesting people, people I would have otherwise never connected with, and so all the crap stuff is worth it in the end.

Go read a great book and then come and tell me about it.

Thanks for the email Andrew Fox! Even more thanks to you for the time it took you to generate a novel that is currently filling my biggest addiction in life, my voracious appetite for great fiction.

Thanks for reading my diary people….

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