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Wednesday, Apr. 06, 2005
Ok so it’s back to the interviewing stage for me. But alas I will be interviewing with my current boss and her boss which is also one of my current bosses. And this job is within the same department. It’s a position that has only existed in the Tampa location rather than also in my location. So, there is an individual that handles the position that can be a go to person for me. In other words she can help me out if need be.

Now for the best part, my boss called me into her office when I got in today to let me know that she received a call from her boss (my boss too) whereby he discussed the new opportunity and strongly suggested to her that he wanted me for the position. This is a huge compliment because it means that in 7 months I have impressed him.

The former position I applied for was in another department where the person I interviewed with did not have personal experience with me and she chose to move someone already in the position in Tampa to our location. In other words no training involved. So it had absolutely nothing to do with me.

This new open position works closely with TonyMacaroni’s position within the company. So all parties already know that TonyMac and I already melt cheese well as coworkers.

So I will be submitting my resume and I shall be interviewed by my boss and her boss (also my boss) along with the party that does this job in Tampa so that all parties can get a good feel for what’s happening.

But….let it be said, that I have much more pull for this position since it’s already been stated that my boss and my bosses boss (again also my boss) want me to apply for the position.

There are pro’s and con’s to this position. 1.) I will not get a raise. Say what???? Learn a new job for no mo’ money? Dang it anyhow. Wait wait….but this position is more closely related to the position I ultimately want to hold within the company. Meaning that there is a position that I strongly want someday and cannot have until I obtain my degree because a degree is required for the position. So in other words this new opening position within the company at our learning center is more in line with what the ultimate position does. So no raise, but I can learn more about the operations side of things for a position which I will one day seek. So I can gain experience and put myself in a better position for the long term. Since I love my boss, I can also keep working under the same supervision. That’s a huge huge plus in my book. Huge. I love my boss. I even love my bosses boss (for the millionth time ALSO my boss)

Now for the biggest pro. Since I’ve already stated the workplace pro’s I’ll not state them again. But the biggest pro of this newly instated position in our learning center…..IT IS A DAYLIGHT HOUR’S JOB and therefore I CAN (after 7 months) uphold my end of the bargain of taking my son bi-weekly.

Can you say “yeah buddy!!!!” Ok now…where did I put my interview suit? Lets get these formalities out of the way….

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