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Friday, May. 03, 2002

He and I talked…..we talked for a long time on the phone about..noneother than his girlfriend. Just like I vowed I wouldn’t do.argh…..and then my battery went dead on my cell phone and……we ended up on the pc….

PoeticaL: *shrugs* I need to get a spare battery

“him”: junk

PoeticaL: nah.....hasn't been charged for 2 days

“him”: buy a real phone

PoeticaL: I'll see if amazon has any

“him”: no

PoeticaL: damn

PoeticaL: but..that's ok

PoeticaL: i'm gonna buy all porn for $100

“him”: no

“him”: power to influence

“him”: tony robbins

PoeticaL: hahahahahahaha

“him”: you can get it for me

PoeticaL: they don't even have it

PoeticaL: I just checked

“him”: damn

PoeticaL: ahhh who cares

“him”: i do

“him”: <-raises his hand

PoeticaL: <---doesn't

“him”: shit

PoeticaL: besides....I'm the one with a birthday soon...not YOU

“him”: june for me

“him”: yours in july

PoeticaL: <---already knows....did her studying ...remember?

“him”: june what?

PoeticaL: 16

“him”: wrong

PoeticaL: 15

“him”: yes

PoeticaL: I was debating between the two

“him”: so much for your rembmering

“him”: bering

PoeticaL: when's mine?

“him”: july

PoeticaL: c'mon

“him”: May

PoeticaL: May what?

“him”: hmmm

“him”: 7th

PoeticaL: wrong

“him”: hehe

“him”: 11th

PoeticaL: see...you don't know either....still wrong

“him”: 23

PoeticaL: wrong!

“him”: 20

PoeticaL: but hey if you want to send me a gift on each of your guesses....go right ahead

PoeticaL: wrong again

“him”: 14

PoeticaL: wrong

PoeticaL: hahaha

PoeticaL: you haven't a clue really

“him”: 18

PoeticaL: wrong

“him”: 31

PoeticaL: wrong

“him”: 29

PoeticaL: wrong

PoeticaL: that's 8 presents....woohooooooooooo

“him”: 6

PoeticaL: wrong

PoeticaL: 9 presents!!!!!!!1

“him”: 17

PoeticaL: there ya go

“him”: i knew it

PoeticaL: no you didn't

“him”: yep i did

PoeticaL: no you didn't

“him”: sure did

PoeticaL: nope

PoeticaL: didn't

“him”: yep

PoeticaL: nope

“him”: i did too

PoeticaL: ok ok

PoeticaL: makes no difference to me

PoeticaL: I'm gonna be 29 this year

“him”: Old Bag

PoeticaL: hahaha...You're OLDER than me!

“him”: but im young

PoeticaL: yeah whatever....wrinkled up ...gray hair.....

“him”: not one gray hair

PoeticaL: never?

PoeticaL: not even one?

“him”: no

“him”: you see all pics

“him”: of me

“him”: no gray

PoeticaL: oh c'mon like I wouldn't be able to see one or two gray hairs in pictures.....paaalease

“him”: sure you would

“him”: you seen me on cam many times

PoeticaL: but...you can't see THAT damn CLOSE UP

PoeticaL: and if you had one or two gray hairs you'd yank em out right away

“him”: not when your old bag and blind as a bat with no eyes like you you cant

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: oh hell...that was funny

“him”: i have no gray hairs

“him”: im stuck in my 20s

PoeticaL: well I have no gray hairs either

“him”: you yank them huh

PoeticaL: maybe when you hit 40 you'll look 60

PoeticaL: nope I don't have em to yank

“him”: because you shaved yesterday

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: stop that

“him”: you use epilady

PoeticaL: I use NEET

PoeticaL: see how much you know

“him”: i never seen you shave your pussy before how am i supposed to know what you use?

PoeticaL: OMG!

PoeticaL: you're the opposite of most men....you talk all about sex when you're getting it and nothing about it when you're not....that's all ass backwards!

“him”: i never was typical

PoeticaL: lol...fuck...that is so true

“him”: yep

“him”: all this time and you still cant figure shit out hehe

PoeticaL: that's what I said before on the phone

PoeticaL: I suck at it

PoeticaL: I give up

PoeticaL: let your girlfriend try

“him”: why would she want too

“him”: you have no need too either

“him”: you took it upon yourself

PoeticaL: cause I am an inquisitive person who analyzes everything

PoeticaL: if she's a simple simon she'll be in good shape...and won't try

“him”: you got it

“him”: you need to quit trying too

PoeticaL: she'll save herself lots of headaches

PoeticaL: nah

PoeticaL: I can't

“him”: i know that but you dont

PoeticaL: I can't stop

PoeticaL: is what I mean

PoeticaL: I just can't

PoeticaL: it's against everything that I am

“him”: what are you

PoeticaL: hmm....well....

PoeticaL: I am an amazingly intelligent girl who thinks and analyzes everything and a girl who just happens to be absolutely beautiful too!

“him”: ok can you scrap the ego statement and tell me who you are

PoeticaL: Kristy

PoeticaL: I'm a girl with tons of things going for me!

“him”: ok good

PoeticaL: good?

PoeticaL: nope I'm not good

PoeticaL: I'm bad

PoeticaL: always bad

PoeticaL: I don't even strive to be good.

“him”: then your not an analyst hired to study me

PoeticaL: oh...well....no one's paying me...I'm doing it for free

PoeticaL: besides....its fun

PoeticaL: and i'll never be done because I'm always fucking wrong

“him”: good

“him”: yes you are

PoeticaL: well I always think to myself "whatever I think I'm going to reverse and then I'll be right" but somehow I do the reverse and I'm still fucking wrong

“him”: wrong by whos rules

PoeticaL: well.....this is true

PoeticaL: I say something and you counter and say I'm wrong so....in essence you could be just telling me that I'm wrong when in fact I am always right!

“him”: What are you using to confirm your correct or incorrect actions?

PoeticaL: the outcomes of my actions

PoeticaL: actions create results

PoeticaL: some bad

PoeticaL: some good

PoeticaL: if they are bad outcomes...then the actions were probably bad

PoeticaL: but...this presents a gray area

PoeticaL: outside things can affect perfect actions

“him”: so can your beliefs

PoeticaL: hmmmm true

PoeticaL: ok fuck it

“him”: shrugs

PoeticaL: I'm all done trying to figure you out

“him”: im waiting

PoeticaL: as of right now

PoeticaL: <---takes thinking cap regarding “him” OFF

PoeticaL: <---throws it down on the floor and kicks it away

“him”: excellent

PoeticaL: all done!

PoeticaL: <---wipes hands

“him”: good

PoeticaL: lol

“him”: im still waiting

PoeticaL: now what the fuck am I gonna waste time on?

PoeticaL: teeeheee

“him”: im still waiting

PoeticaL: for what?

“him”: i wanna watch you fuck it

PoeticaL: oh geez

PoeticaL: you're a real pig

“him”: you said it

“him”: scroll back

“him”: you said fuck it

PoeticaL: I know I did

PoeticaL: you know what I meant by it

PoeticaL: you pervert!

“him”: no

PoeticaL: yes

“him”: i go by with what you said

“him”: let me help you out for firguring me out

“him”: you gotta pen

“him”: i want you to write this down

“him”: and read it every single day

“him”: hello

PoeticaL: ok

PoeticaL: I was getting a pen

“him”: Ok

“him”: now this will help tremendously

PoeticaL: <----throws pen down on the floor

PoeticaL: I have a feeling this is gonna be "“him”ism"

“him”: pick that fucker back up

PoeticaL: hahaha

“him”: The complexity of one such as myself is too overwhelming to the typical thinker such as yourself.

PoeticaL: <----throws pen out the window

“him”: hey

PoeticaL: typical?

“him”: go get that pen

“him”: yes

PoeticaL: I am anything but typical

“him”: no your typical

PoeticaL: I am NOT typical

“him”: yes you are

PoeticaL: if I was typical then you wouldn't have wasted 2 years talking to me! there...TAKE THAT!

“him”: your typical in many habbit forming ways but also peek my interest in other areas

“him”: P time brb

PoeticaL: ok...I've listened to you tell me I'm typical.... how do I interest you.....which ways?

“him”: im back

“him”: ok ill answer

“him”: 1. Eager to learn

“him”: 2. Wanting to better one self

“him”: 3. Willing to make changes

“him”: 4. Believes in yourself

“him”: that sums it up

PoeticaL: no it can't! it can't possibly.... you left out too many things

PoeticaL: teeheee

PoeticaL: :-D

“him”: a person with those qualities alone can go far in life

PoeticaL: awww thanks...

“him”: I never looked at you as a loser

PoeticaL: wow...another thing I was wrong about...

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