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Monday, Nov. 11, 2002
To: "Kristy"

Subject: Off on a mission
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 09:29:41 +0200 (EET)
From: "t"


I just wanted to let you know that I would be offline a little while. I cant say for how long though (OPSEC). But I will let you know when I get back ok.

I am sorry that I keep missing you. I miss your smiles and the way you bring out the best in me.

Byes for now


my reply… There is a door in my heart with your name on it, it will always be ajar....

So…that was how I started off my Monday morning. I hope this week improves. What a nice thing to be told. “the way you bring out the best in me” No one’s ever told me that before.

I have accepted the way things are. I just can’t feel good about it. Everytime someone matters they are unattainable, out of my reach. I read something online over the weekend and it sums up entirely my feelings about ‘t’. It read as follows.

“i love him, and i know that he loves me. and that's all i need. if you love somebody it doesn't mean that you have to BE with them. you are under no obligation to attach a relationship or a commitment to love. i think thats why romance is dead, because everybody tries to turn the essence of love into a contractual agreement. when you truly love somebody, the only obligation you have to that person, is to never let them doubt that they are a necessity to your being."

“t” is special to me. There will always be a door in my heart with his name on it. Where he’s welcome with open arms. I believe he does have a mission, I believe he’ll always be somewhere else. And that is ok.

an excerpt from an old poem of mine…

"It’s not supposed to depend
Upon what your eyes see
Loves meant to be dependant
On the soul in simplicity"

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