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Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2005
I haven’t been updating and I don’t even know why except to say that there’s the same old same things going on these days and they just seem anticlimactic and not all that interesting. See….

1. new class just started yesterday
2. bought my book club book last night and read 42 pages already
3. had the kid with me last night for dinner and balloons
4. kid’s flying up North to see his grandparents tomorrow…gone for 1 week :-(
5. my grandma sent me a wedding card, a Christmas card, and a savings bond to my old address :-(
6. my aunt sent me candles as a wedding gift…two candles…kinda strange in some hard to decipher way
7. “I love you enough to want you to be happy.” (a very good friend said this to me….very sweet)
8. my shirt sleeves are big and cumbersome today.
9. it’s still cold for Florida
10. there’s really nothing different to write about
11. I have a doctor’s appointment today and I still can’t find my way there…or maybe I can….
12. I miss TonyMac being at work making me laugh
13. After my son’s been on my laptop there’s ten more chat programs installed….
14. The kid’s going up North and doesn’t own a winter coat???
15. I haven’t bought one single Christmas gift yet…where’s my spirit hiding?
16. Where’s the money for Christmas hiding?

See all very anticlimactic….

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