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Friday, Oct. 04, 2002
This was yesterday.... Justin, There are so many things you simply do not know about my life, just as there are probably thousands and thousands of things that I donít know about yours. I will always feel compassion for your ex-wife and I pray that she will find a happy life for herself. I have a therapist. Something else you donít know about. You can kindly tell youíre strange friends that I have no interest in their lives or who they are. I never truly did. I just find it amazing that so many people can cop judgments about people they donít know. I never judged you for what you did. I simply came and stated that I have compassion for your ex-wife. Thatís all I said. If you go back and read, it is your friends that created a debauchery of all of this. Yes I went along with it and for that I am wrong. I never sucked anyone off in any alley, you should be aware that my computer at home is in the living room and there were many times when husband had access to my computer when I wasnít even present. And no, heís not too keen on my speaking to anyone online and nor does he know which nick is ďhimĒ. Lastly, I have filed for divorce and I am paying for it by MYSELF. I am working 2 jobs. I was not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to college and plan for my future because I found myself homeless at age 19. I think I have done quite well for myself all things considering and your friends will never make me feel badly about that. I wish you well Justin, not because you need my well wishes, but because despite what you might think, I am not a horrific person. I am struggling with bad circumstances that you have only gotten a telescopic view of. Every choice I have made has been in the best interest of my child. If I had to sacrifice my own happiness so that he could eat, I did just that. I have my son with me, I am on my own, and I will be fine. I donít need your friendship, acceptance or anything else for that matter. I have the utmost faith that I will have joint custody (by choice and legal agreement) of my son and life will go on. In the end, his happiness is all that matters to me. Thatís all thatís ever mattered. He realized that he had no chance of gaining full custody considering his past and his current health condition. We will always be amicable and we will always be friends. Our marriage ended because he chose to end it. Yes I made bad choices; I am dealing with everything in my life alone. Be thankful and grateful that you have a family. Never take that for granted. It is a gift that you have. I never said you were a bad father, nor do I believe that is the case. Anything I ever wrote about you will be deleted, not because I no longer believe what I said, but because I can be a bigger person and do that much.

then he said....

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name: Justin
It is good that you are seeing a therapist. Best wishes.

But then today like a 5 yr old he has to repost and repost his bullshit on my guestbook. Grow up...really....

I really feel bad for Jeonga. In fact I think I'll pray for her every single day for the rest of my life. Yes I have issues, you have issues too!
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