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Saturday, Oct. 02, 2004

Kwisty2k: ohhh and yesterday morning I called up my asshole ex and said "I'm so damn happy today...R and I are getting married"
SandraAnnNC: what did he have to say
Kwisty2k: he said "congratulations"
Kwisty2k: I actually called him up and said "guess what?"
Kwisty2k: he said, "you got a new job?"
Kwisty2k: I said "no"
Kwisty2k: he said, "you're getting married?"
Kwisty2k: I said, "how'd you know?"
Kwisty2k: he said "cause you said guess what and that is always followed by something big"
SandraAnnNC: lol
Kwisty2k: so I said not always... guess what else?
Kwisty2k: he said "i don't know..what else"
Kwisty2k: I said, "you have a dick"
Kwisty2k: then I burst into laughter and said "proved your theory wrong now didn't I?"
Kwisty2k: guess what is NOT always followed by something BIG
SandraAnnNC: hahahhahha
SandraAnnNC: that's too funny
Kwisty2k: i'm terrible
SandraAnnNC: nope, your not
Kwisty2k: but he laughed
SandraAnnNC: your awesome
SandraAnnNC: lol

In all fairness I will add that he did congratulate me and he was happy for me.he wished us well and when hes not influenced by his bitch of a wife, hes aright.for an asshole ex.

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