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Wednesday, May. 04, 2005

So why have I not updated since last Friday when tomorrow is Thursday already and I’ve gone almost a week with no update?




Because I’m busy.  Because I come home tired.  Because I come home and work on school for 2 hours.  Because I spend 2 hours out of every day driving back and forth across the bay.  Because no one ever knows where I’m going to be working or when.  Because the girl who was training me up and popped out her baby one week too early…(ok ok so I hear he’s cute and I know she has a right to have a life…but…but…) Because the house I found that was uber cute is in South St. Pete and South St. Pete is gross.  Really gross.  Bad part of town.  Explains it.  But part of me wants to say so what…and go take a look but if I look at said house I’ll want said house…because it was so damn cute!


Because I don’t have time to think most days.  Because I crawl home, clean up dishes, try to straighten up the apartment and watch some TV and do some homework.  Because I am working in two locations doing parts of two jobs feeling unsure of the new one still and that drives me bonkers because I like to be on top of my game in all ways…..even though I know it’s just a matter of time…ugh…


Because I haven’t seen my son in too long and it’s urking me…and yet I have to work this Saturday which further urk’eth me.  Because I just ended a class and the last week is always killer hectic trying to do a group assignment with other students communicating only online!  Crazy!


I haven’t been writing here because I’m too busy at work and too busy at home and when I’m not too busy at home I think about updating and then I realize that I’ll just write an entire entry about how Rick and I are cranky and stressed and tired and blucky.  And so there’s nothing to write about there.  I could talk about how I’ve listened to two books on tape or CD in the course of the last 3 weeks because driving in a straight line for an hour each way daily (2 hours a day!) will make me suicidal if I don’t listen to something that’s somewhat constructive.


What have I listened to?


Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Copeland …and….


Good Grief by Lolly Winston  …and I’m currently listening to…


God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy


I never thought I’d get into audio books but trust me I’m into them because it’s the only way right now that I have time to digest any books.  And that stinks.


By the way….Girlfriend in a Coma….that book…or at least the tape version was going along normally and then all the sudden the entire story went way West and unrealistic and stupid.  I mean it sucked.  Sucked!  All this mumbo jumbo about different worlds and it was as bad as the dream sequence on Dallas years ago where Pam wakes up and Bobby comes out of the shower and she says “oh thank god…what a bad dream” or some such nonsense and you smack your head and think why why why did I bother getting involved in that story line?  Same deal happens in that audio book. 


I’m currently 2 hours into God of Small Things and the girl reading the book is hard to follow.  The writing is brilliant but what in the heck is this book about?  It’s almost like too much going on back and forth from now and then and blah….not liking it as an audio book.


So I own over 500 books and I’m now resorting to buying audio books?  Sad really…..


And my eyes…right now….are hazing over…..so tired lately….


One last thing….Mom misses you!




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