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Sunday, Jul. 21, 2002
email England will get in the morning…


I spent my Sunday like I spend most of my Sundays. I got up and had a brunch of cantaloupe and juice and read the st pete times online. Checked my email and did some laundry. I played with the dogs for awhile getting them all wound up and running all over the backyard for exercise. I then did my exercise tape and ….

Then I went out to the bookstore. I do this every Sunday. It’s like a ritual. Although I have cut back my spending habits in there by at least tenfold. It’s a goal I have had. I did something I never do. I picked up a book and read the first 50 pages of a book. And then “Bucky” came along whining and asking me to buy him a Harry Potter book. So it was time to go. I get about an hour of silence in the bookstore until he’s fed up. He keeps telling me he has a Guinness book of world records count going to get me in for “most visits” to bookstores in a years time.

Ok so what did I read 50 pages of? “AWAKE THE POWER WITHIN” Yeah I actually did. Ok so I can’t stand that the guys smile is bigger than Texas, but hey maybe he’s got that smile because his happiness quotient is bigger than Texas. Right?

And I can’t believe I sat in a bookstore reading something besides poetry. I mean this is not like me. But I just got to where I kept hearing this nagging voice inside of me that sounded like you in one ear. I heard your happy voice talking t me. So…..I bought the book! ;-)

Happy now? Ok this email would be longer, but I gotta go read…


Onto other things…

I seriously took this test and got the piercing that I actually have.
Which Piercing are you?

Another Sunday afternoon listening to his voice in my ears. I just can’t find anyplace else that feels this right. My mind is all over the place today. It’s probably best if I say nothing else for now.


She says her job is hectic but it's beautiful outside
She might call in sick tomorrow and just take a drive
I said I'd really love to see you can I meet you somewhere
And then the conversation fades and long distance fills the air
-Sammy Kershaw
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