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Thursday, Jun. 08, 2006
Last week I got my hair highlighted lighter than it’s ever been. At first I didn’t like it…it’s growing on me and I’m getting tons of compliments. Go figure….

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Tonight when I got home from work….I found…this…

Ahhh nice clean bathroom floor. Reason #675,876,112,090,123 I pick Rick…he cleans a mad floor….scratch and sniff that bleachy clean….ahhhhh

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Edited to add...this is my friend Greg's painting in process. It's called "He loves me not". This painting made me cry....real tears.... Please give me your feedback as he's contemplating ripping it up....artists are so temperamental. I told him if he does I'll shoot gasoline at his gonads and make him light matches off of his thighs. Yah...I want him to finish it. I think he's so talented....

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