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Friday, Oct. 15, 2004

If you haven't noticed I never post on Friday's.  I'm "mostly" off on this day.  I work my construction/part time job for 3 hrs in the morning on Fridays, so not "entirely" off...however today....today was a killer kick ass day.  Here's what I did today.


I went to work.


I didn’t have much to do at work. ;-)


Went to Avenue and discovered a shoe sale and bought a new pair of Cloudwalkers for $9.99 minus 30% off (coupon I had) making my wallet and my darling toes happy.  I also bought some tops for $10.00 even though size 14/16 is not swimmingly tooooo big.  I couldn’t pass up the lime green zipper tiny fit jacket.  Lime is the black of the season..no???  It’s either that or PINK. 


Went to Borders and cashed in my 30% coupon there.  (I adore coupons….ADORE)  I bought “The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber” and now have something kewl to do tomorrow whilst stuck at work allllllll dayyyyy loooonggg.  I also read the majority of “So many books so little time by Sara Nelson” while there and I highly recommend it even though she read 52 books in one yr and wrote a damn book about it and made tons of money from it and did NOT even provide a list of what she read.  Grrrrr


Got a pedicure.  Now this is a foo foo luxury item that I splurge for every 6 weeks and maintain ‘at home’ the rest of the time.  I love manicures.  If I ever win the lottery I shall hire someone to come into my home and man and cure my feet’s weekly. 


Went to Barnes and Noble and got a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  (bad Kristy bad!!!)


Came home and made hotdogs with sauerkraut.  Yumminess….sometimes you just crave that stuff you had as a kid.  And now I’m sipping my latte and waiting for the Rickiness in my life to shower and shave and….uh yah….and CALL.  I miss him like crazy and can’t wait to smother him in all my cheeriness of the day. 


The weather is absolutely perfect today.  Perfect.  It’s 71 degrees and sunny and the windows are open and there is a breeze.




I just tried to post this entry and as always diaryland woulnd’t let me so I went and read my friends entries for the day and sat down and cried real tears.  Is it possible to love people you have never met but thru the written/spoken word.   I know that it truly is.  My heart goes out to you Sandy….I’m here if you need anything….  If you’re reading and don’t know who Sandy is you have not been blessed by superuber kindness in your life.  Please keep http:// shortst101.diaryland.com in your thoughts and prayers. 


If my arms could travel they would hug you tight.



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