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because of you (poem)

Sunday, Oct. 20, 2002
because of you

Maybe only you
Can understand
A wreathed door
Staring into my empty
Smashed pumpkin jack eyes
Stuck in my shoe

Maybe I will pray
In hushed color tones
And think about how
Iíll lick all your vitamins
Because I only have the back

Then someday Iíll
Laugh about the tragic way
I hauled my bed
Because your couch
Already had reservations

Maybe only you
Can understand
A closed door
An empty heart
Smashed lies
Stuck in my sole

Maybe Iíve had friends
Who knew too little
But I have you
And that friendship
Names me a lucky girl
Because of you I have
more than enough
reasons to get through


Thank you god for always
Taking away just enough
That I now see
What Iíve been given
Before itís completely known
2:34 a.m. ::
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