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Friday, Apr. 18, 2003
Guess what?

Yeah I know dangerous words from me. ha! Nahh..... Rick and I bought a bed together. :-) Well..technically we had the mattress/boxsprings but we bought an actual bedframe. It's black metal and is a four poster bed. It took us two hours to get it all set up and we pre-planned and moved it away from the wall a few inches to minimize overflow noise. I love doing these things with him. Projects...even grocery shopping like we also did today are more fun with Rick. We laugh and joke and just cut up together. We went swimming today and had a nice time just splashing each other and stuff. Things with him are so easy going. He's off tomorrow too, but I think tomorrow we're going to laze around the pool and get some sun or something. The bedroom looks great now. I have to go christian the newness. goodnight.
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