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Sunday, Dec. 18, 2005
I’ve written here before about my love of Parisian style furniture etc. I think one day I’m destined to live in Paris, even if it’s not long term. I read tons of books about Paris, dream of sitting at a café and drinking coffee with my husband, and I am the girl that has Paris prints all throughout our apartment. I even plan to eventually make a Parisian bathroom. In the meantime I have wanted something…..for …well for forever. Someone in my past told me the item was impractical even if I was in love with just looking at it for it’s aesthetic pleasure and wanted it because it made my insides soar with pleasure….until…until I found someone that really loves me…..

Reason #987,654,112,223,009,001,234,987,009,010,000,234 that I pick Rick….

Today he bought me this...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

No more plastic ugliness again on my patio’s. Instead I have this pretty little bistro set. :-) Now I need to learn to bake croissants for the man.

(sidenote: to those that can't buy patio furniture in the month of December...so sorry...I can't keep my beer cold in the snow..*wink*)
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