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Thursday, Aug. 08, 2002
me: ok now can I tell ya something
t: but...
me: but what?
t: ok you can tell me
me: nope you first
t: you had better take what you want too
me: awww
t: now you
me: ok I was gonna say... i've never had thoughts like this...
me: like wanted to give anyone everything ...
me: because I have never felt so much like me..... and had that be so ok with anyone else
t: why wouldnt it be ok
me: it just never has been
t: well it is now!
me: its always like people want to pick me all apart and tell me how to fix it all
t: and if you dont like that ....humpf
me: and the thing is
t: is what?
me: i can feel how someone just accepting you for who you are...its like somehow feeling that...it makes everything else just fix itself
me: does that make sense?
t: yes it does princess
me: i can't even tell you what that one thing...how much it changed inside of me
me: just knowing I can tell you and it will always be ok
t: :-)
me: it makes me want to be close to you
me: it makes me want to touch you and hold you and open myself up to you
t: seee...
t: now I cant even I can't even make a sexual joke after that statement
me: why?
me: sure you could...if you tried hard enough
t: ok...here is goes.....
t: Yeah open...naww...
t: maybe later...
t: it was tooo sweet of a thing to say something

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