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Friday, Dec. 27, 2002
Bry: you don't want me to rub your belly huh?
Me: um.....hmm.... is it cold in Texas?
Bry: yep
Bry: why?
Me: too bad
Me: its not so bad here
Bry: ok, now back to your belly being rubbed
Bry: can i play with your navel?
Bry: while i rub your belly?
Me: i was wrong it is cold here
Me: i just checked
Bry: lol
Bry: can i play with your navel? while i rub your belly?
Me: i just went and got my big snoopy slipper socks for my cold feets
Bry: lol
Me: they are cold
Me: i was wrong
Me: its cold here
Bry: good, now lay down so i can rub your belly and play with your navel.....
Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Me: *runs away*
Bry: lol
Me: stop talking to me about sex
Me: you're my friend
Bry: lol
Bry: i was talking about rubbing your belly is all
Me: i wish i had woodstock the bird slipper socks too
Bry: lol
Bry: want me to rub your belly?
Me: no
Bry: see...i can rub your belly while you listen to "The Lover's Dream" with headsets on
Bry: wouldn't that be nice? Me: my slipper socks are making my feet sweat and I bet if i was a little person inside of them i'd be stinked out Bry: wouldn't that be relaxing?
Me: stop it
Bry: what?
Me: stop coming on to me in chat
Me: its grossing me out
Bry: lol
Bry: so you'd be grossed out if i rubbed your belly?
Me: i don't think about you rubbing my belly
Bry: lol
Bry: i don't either...i was just asking.....
Me: stop asking
Bry: i mean.....i think it would be the ultimate to have some really good
headphones on and listen to soothing music while someone rubs my belly....don't ya think?
Me: i think it would be ultimate to have some hot latte, someone rubbing my sticky
snoopy socked feet and listening to me bitch and whine about how guys I don't
like like ...like like me....and guys I wish like liked me don't
Bry: lol
Me: that would be the ultimate
Me: or perhaps if a guy i never gave the time of day to bought me a mercedes benz
and then paid all my bills and sent me to paris for 2 weeks....that
would fit the bill too
Bry: i see
Me: but even more than that...there's someone i want to lay under the stars with
and listen to alan jackson with and say nothing....that would
be the ultimate to me, but this is reality and its freakin cold here and
I'm drinking water and my feet are cold and I am alone!!!!
Bry: i like alan jackson lol
Me: good grief i can't win
Bry: lol
Me: *sigh*
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