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Monday, Jan. 28, 2002
In the last 3 ½ years I thought I had seen it all. I found this in husbands email today. Before anyone rips me a new one, I would like to say that I don’t throw the word “love” or “babe” around the Internet. The interesting thing is I now have this girls phone number. How did I get this? I know his password. Yes this email was dated December 13, 2001. It’s only a month old. Nothing with him ever changes. *sigh*

I called him at work and brought this up. He sounded indignant and just bothered. Didn’t sound sorry or apologetic etc. The odd thing is, I don’t have issue with him being friends with someone. 2 weeks ago when he was talking to this same said girl, I asked him if she was married. He said no. This morning on the phone he says that she isn’t married. Liar liar liar ! All he can ever do is lie to me.

Every single time I want to believe in him, or feel that there is something there worth salvaging….I find stuff like this….

--- Ramona wrote:
> Hey Babe
> I heard u this morning thanks hun and i love u too
> I am at work so call when u are ready i cant wait to
> talk to u. If u like
> call work on #*&(*@!
> Love Mona xx

From: "husband" <@yahoo.com>
> To: "Ramona"
> Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 9:14 AM
> Subject: Re: hug
> > Hi there again lover. Just a quick note to say
> hello
> > and I love you!!
> >
> > Have a wonderful day and keep a hug in your heart
> from
> > me!
> >
> > Love ya!
> >
> > (my husband)
> >
> > =====
> > Have a wonderful day!
> >
> >

Whether it was wrong or right I wrote this girl an email….

I think you should know that you are talking to a
married man and I don't think it's cool that you are
telling my husband that you love him. I take issue
with that and think that you should stop what you're
doing. You don't even know this man that you are
carrying on with. He's married and has a child
and what you're doing is wrong. And if you go further
and tell him that I said this...you're just causing
even more problems for a family that you don't even
know. If not for me, then do it for his son...”Bucky”.

I doubt he's told you what he's done to his family.
Don't contribute to the problem.

As far as his behavior in the below email..I don't
condone it whatsoever! But you CAN do the right thing
and stop all contact with this married man. MY

Thank you.
His wife.

One other thing...if you have something you want to
say to me...feel free.
And if you go talking to him about my contacting you,
I hope you can live with yourself and those wrong

What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I continue to love a man that treats me like total shit?
I so hate this feeling of being betrayed. I fucking hate it….

In all this time regardless of who I have talked to….I have never used the word "love" or "lover" in the context that he just did….never….

Last night when I talked to Brian...I felt guilty and got off the phone...he on the other hand feels nothing.


Betrayal by Mike Taylor

What you brought to me
Was nothing at all
My face was painted gray
My body dull
You're nothing but stress to me
You finally got the best of me
Now all I hate is you
For all the shit put me
I can not lie
I wish I could die tonight
So I could take my life
I could fall asleep
I'd never awake
Am I falling behind
This pain I can't describe
Everything upside down to me
And just fake reality
I guess I lied
I want to live my life
Don't want to die
Just want to live this life
I guess I lied
I don't want to die tonight
I want to live my life
Who's to blame but myself
I can not realize
What would I see with my eyes
Could I see with my eyes
All I see with my eyes
is betrayal
9:11 a.m. ::
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