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Saturday, Dec. 18, 2004
Yes I’m at work again on a Saturday. I don’t mind it so much as the man is also working and it would appear that he’ll be getting most of his work on the weekends as most people move then rather than not move on the weekend on days when I’d prefer him to be accessible for my molestation purposes. Yesterday like all Friday’s I worked from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. (the entire time spent organizing and inputting a huge Cox Lumber bill for the construction company..remind me to speak about coding construction bills one day…it’s a real gas). At precisely 11:05 a.m. I was on my way to David’s Bridal to try on a particular dress they have that I like. I wanted to get an idea of what size I wear, how I look in which styles not just which styles I personally love. Guess what? The dress I love looks great and fits with NO alterations. :-)

After the wedding dress excursion I decided to hit my favorite places in Clearwater as I don’t spend as much time in that area now that I have different jobs from the nightmare job. I went to Borders and didn’t much find anything new or interesting there but I did look at a Bridal book about flowers. I find that the knot.com is the best source for “today’s” scene in the Bridal world. I am going to have a co-worker/professor do my flowers and *gasp* I have decided to use artificial flowers rather than real flowers as real flowers will most likely wilt on the beach and the fake ones are very nice these days and she (co-worker/professor) makes lovely arrangements that just knock your socks off. Case in point…..she brought this arrangement into the U. for the student services area …it’s gorgeous…and tons of people ask where it came from…so I asked her and low and behold SHE MADE IT!!! I immediately hit her up with “would you do my wedding flowers???”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I sorta like the idea of sunflowers….and burgundy as I believe I’m doing burgundy in my color scheme…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
and perhaps autumn colors for sure since it’ll be late fall…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I want the style to be … Image Hosted by ImageShack.us or Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Since my wedding dress will be a corset tie style (along the back of the dress) I really fell in love with the wrap on these flowers…the criss cross…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
but don’t you just love this…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
But I don’t want your typical wedding… I also found this idea for resolving the scene at the beach, meaning I refuse to spend hundreds renting a bunch of stuff so that the area looks like it’s about to host a wedding…but this…a sunset wedding….I love the idea of oil lamps imbedded into the sand…the glass hurricane will shield the wind…this is a for sure and so is that crosstie flower effect.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
isn’t that to die for pretty??

Yes I took photos of all of this stuff from books at the bookstore….I refuse to spend all of my wedding budget on books and ideas….I’m spending my money on the “fun” parts of the wedding. I also decided to recite this poem… And I have you…by Nikki Giovanni. If I can’t find a free copy of it online I’ll go back and copy it straight from the book onto paper….but I took a picture of it because I did not have any paper.. :-)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I also want this book… Image Hosted by ImageShack.us and this book… Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I did buy
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Because I picked it up knowing nothing about it and read thru to page 40 and was so engrossed my coffee went cold. Come to find out this morning after doing a google search that this is a dyke novel. Meaning lesbianism will be in it somewhere. Being the straightest girl in the world with perverse curiosities about everything I do hope there are some sex scenes in this book. :-) Russian lesbian sex scenes that is. *eye rolls*

And so you see, the man wonders how I can spend approximately 7 hours in the bookstore’s. It takes time to find these things and take photos. Now don’t tell him it took me an hour to construct this entry and if he asks, I did clean the toilet….I did. I suppose I should clarify that statement with an explaination. One day a few days ago when he was home all day and I had to work all day towards the end of the conversation I very bitchily stated “go clean the toilet now!”. Yes, I was a bitch about it too. He never said much about it at the time. I was totally serious too thinking “dude, you’re home all day and I’m stuck at work all day yet again and if I were home I’d clean something so YOU do it..YOU clean the toilet..or clean something.” But I said simply “go clean the toilet now!” The man like I said and will state again said nothing in reply at the time. Ever since that conversation at the end of every single damn telephone conversation that we’ve had since when the goodbyes and I love you’s come about, he states “GO CLEAN THE TOILET NOW!” to me. Ahhh a running joke…eh?? I think I’m going to call a cleaning lady and have her come in and clean nothing but the damn toilet and have her make the bill out to RICHARD C***. Bwah hahahhaa now that’ll be funny. :-)

off to read me some Russian novel….

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