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Monday, Aug. 15, 2005
This weekend was a fun one. A different one. After my long boring Saturday morning/afternoon..of “not” writing my paper Rick and I went out to dinner at a new restaurant in Clearwatrer. The portions were disappointingly small for a restaurant of that level but the steaks were awesome. I spotted “Rooms to Go” (furniture store) and drug Rick into it because I’ve long wanted to purchase a big comfy reading chair with an ottoman. I saw one that I sort of liked awhile ago at of all places…Big Lots. But that chair was not leather and just didn’t fit the bill. When we arrived at Rooms to Go they had a few chairs that were suitable but most of them were upwards of at least $1,000. That’s a lot for a luxury chair. An item that we can live without. So I passed on it. We decided to go to Kanes Furniture because I knew they always have a ‘dent and scratch’ department and most often there’s nothing visibly wrong with nice pieces of furniture and yet they sell them for far less. And alas we found something we really liked for …..drum roll please…..$400. That’s less than half of what Rooms to Go wanted. Oddly I just searched both websites to see if I could find my chair and ottoman and ….the closest thing I can find (and very close) is on the Rooms to Go website here. However keep in mind that the pricing appears to be not so bad but this picture is for “microfiber” covered furniture rather than real leather, which is what we bought for $400. Wait I did just find that they do have a leather equivalent but it is still $800. You can see that one here. Ahh either way we got a great deal. And there’s one tiny dot of a mark on the ottoman…not even visible unless you look right at it. That dot is really worth saving four to five hundred dollars. Rick and I have a black leather couch and a black leather loveseat. We really have adequate seating. The living room is black and brown. I have brown items and touches all over. I did not want to buy another all black piece. I wanted an accent piece. I thought I wanted a chocolate brown color. But now that we’ve purchased this color it really brings out the color in our living room drapes and all the accents. I’m glad I chose to go with this color over the darker brown. You never really know if you’re pleased with something until it’s in your home. Why am I rambling about a damned chair? Because I’ve wanted a big ass leather cushy chair to read in since I was 16 and thought about living on my own one day. That was a long 20 yr wait for the perfect reading chair. Well worth the wait….ahhh…comfy.

After chair purchasing, we went to the restaurant that his brother works for and sat at the bar and had a drink together. I got a Strawberry Daiquiri and it was cold and sweet and yummy. His brother came out to talk to us and it turned out that he and his gf wanted to go out to the gambling boat. We decided to tag along. Turned out the boat was looking as though it was already booked and so we opted to go to the Hard Rock Café in Sarasota and gamble there. I played a few hours on the slot machines with the $20 that Rick gave me and I ended up winning $170 and then I gambled some more and still walked out $90 ahead of the game. I was pleased. After a few snags on my part (due to the past and other people affecting my now and today’s) we ended up having a great night. We came home and spent the next 2 ½ hours remembering how much we love each other.

Today we both slept in until 11 a.m. Nice. Needed sleep. We then got up, showered and dressed. Rick ran out and grabbed us both some lunch and then sat through a thunderstorm that included lightening and hail of all things and when it cleared up we jumped in the truck and went to pick up our new chair. We just beat the rain again on the way back. Then he decided he was still beat from working all day and being awake most of the night and so he decided to take a nap. I decided to go out for awhile. I hit Target and Steak and Shake to eat some dinner before my 12-hour fasting. Tomorrow I have to go in and have the stint in the tubing between my now gone gallbladder and my liver removed. They placed it to allow for surgery and kept it there so there would be proper healing and now it has to come out. It’s an outpatient procedure where they knock you out and retrieve said stint by going down your throat and using instruments to get it back out. It’s supposed to take approximately one hour. It should be no big deal. However I knew I had to eat something prior to that 12-hour fasting. I stopped at Target and bought a frame with a mat for signing for our wedding. I want my guests to sign the photo mat rather than a guest book I’ll put away and never look at. This way we can hang the picture frame with a wedding picture inside on the wall for years to come. The picture frame is a 10 by 13 but holds a smaller photo so the mat is larger than normal for signing purposes. I’ve been looking for a nice one for a while so I’m happy to have that task taken care of. I also bought Rick a box of Twinkies that were on sale. I then stopped at Walmart and bought much needed paper towels and a mop. I wish someone would invent a good mop, one that works and doesn’t fall apart or crack or break a month later. Earlier at Target and actually a few weeks ago in a magazine I noticed that Harlequin novels have greatly improved upon themselves. Gone is the woman on the cover embracing a bigger than life handsome men. I know now that they still have those sorts of books since I checked them out online. But they are also behind the Red Dress Ink books as well. To see what I am referring to check out Next When I was at Target I noticed they had the Next series on their shelves. These books actually had interesting back covers and interesting story lines and really cool covers. It was like looking at an isle full of candy. I am almost….just almost….ashamed to admit that I bought not 1 of them, but 3 of them. 3 of them. I will refer to it as my “OH MY GOD I turned into my grandmother” day. *hangs head in shame* If you're going to shame yourself buy the books at Walmart...they're about 90 cents cheaper there.

In other news, I thought that Po’s new book (containing my own personal family story) was coming out on December 26th and now it’s been upgraded to ….November 15th. A week before the wedding. God help me deal with the emotions in November. My son’s birthday is Nov. 22 and the wedding is Nov. 26th. Thank god I am off a week from school and will be honeymooning shortly after it hits the stands. I don’t know if I’m ready….

Why Do I Love These People? : The Miraculous Journeys of Twenty-first-Century Families (Hardcover)

by Po Bronson
Availability: This title will be released on November 15, 2005. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.

Time to go read my bubble gum romance books. I can’t wait to see if the boy kisses the girl on the last page……*rolls eyes* Incidentally I did write my paper. I did that today while Rick was napping and before I left the house to buy trashy novels. :-) Also, the chair is Chloe approved. She loves it!!!!
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