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Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2002
Wow I took a day off! I know you missed me and worried all day about where I was, but hey that’s just my imagination working overtime. Where was I? Well I wish I could report that I was off in Bermuda getting a tan, but the fact of the matter is, I’ve been concentrating on work and just in time to have some bogus style stuff go down.

Trust me when I say, working for someone else just is always going to be less than the desirable situation of working for yourself. My “working for myself” gig is far far more rewarding than work, as in “the job”.

News on the Christmas front, the tree is decorated, a few more presents have been purchased, and I’m still not truly in the mood for Christmas. I think Christmas is a holiday that truly requires “happy mode” to kick in. I keep waiting for that mistletoe magical feeling, but its just not happening. Does this mean I’m not excited at all? Nah, just wishing I were really feeling it all.

I did manage to read my entire new poetry book in-between thousands of minutes of conversations and all the rain we’ve been getting. Its insane the amount of rain we’ve had here. Constant.

I am over my cold and feeling better. Lots of rest, and lots of vitamins, and alka seltzer, I gotta buy stock in that company…

I’ve been working on lyrics for “2 Days with Juliet” the independent film my friend Mike is casting at the moment. So far I’m not feeling moved by the project, and I’ll probably scrap everything I wrote and start over some night at 3 a.m. when the walls are screaming at me and I am compelled to write from that place I just can’t get to at my own free will. That’s how it usually happens. I coax the writer inside of me and then one night she just comes out with a vengeance. I’m waiting for it to happen, and I’m sure it will. I have a few great lines and that’s how they came to be.

Speaking of songs…someone I know wrote what sounds like lyrically to be pretty damn kewl. I think maybe I’m going to sit down and write some straight forward full sentences into more of a country song and see if I can make one of those great songs that actually tells some really nice story or theme.

Right now as I type this Bucky is behind me in the kitchen practicing his “I can make toast” skills. …Wait lets quickly change that to his “I can eat toast” skills. ;-)

I think that mostly I’m just anxious to be done with this year, because I have this huge feeling that 2003 is going to be a big big year, so I’m just waiting this one out.


I know a boy with a plan for the future
A dream for tomorrow
He’s a glimpse of a bigger picture
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