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Monday, Sept. 20, 2004
The exs wife called the University on Friday asking if I were a student or an employee. She said she was calling from an attorneys office (she works for a Real Estate attorney as a receptionist). She said it was official business.

That is against the law. You cannot use the name of an attorney for unofficial business. For your personal gain. You cannot misrepresent yourself or an attorney for that matter.

She just happened to get ahold of my direct supervisor who told her nothing as per company policy. But she also collected her name, etc.

I think Im going to call MY attorney now.shes stalking me and hunting down information? I have news for her.I am both! doh!

She seems to think that somehow Im a bad mother for working my way through college. I think shes jealous. Pure and simple. Her man is about to lose his job and has no income for 2 weeks and cant go back to work for another 2 weeks. Geeglad thats not me.

Im bad because I wont help them? bwahhhhhhh
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