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Friday, Dec. 20, 2002

1. Iím tired

2. I donít get enough sleep

3. I canít think straight when I donít sleep much.

4. Every night I say Iíll get sleepÖthen I get a phone call and get NOOOO sleep

5. Right now the caller is sleeping

6. I wish I was sleeping right now

7. I would settle for being in a bed

8. I would even settle for being in the fetal position on the floor

9. My gingerbread latte from Starbucks is NOT waking me up

10. Rejection sucks regardless of the reason for rejection

11. Rejection just is, Rejection doesnít need a reason

12. All it does in Florida is rain

13. I hate rain

14. I hate Florida drivers in the rain

15. I hate Florida drivers in the sun

16. I got a free book even though I shared my stinky feet.

17. That still amazes me.

18. I havenít heard from ďtĒ in almost 3 months.

19. I miss ďtĒ but know that heís been around and hasnít contacted me. :-(

20. Trust someone?


22. yeah sure, let me get right on that

23. arenít words just a ton of words

24. actions speak louder than words

25. all I have to go on is a long list of unfulfilled promises

26. Unfulfilled promises let me down innumerable times in the past

27. Iím tired

28. Yes Iím still tired

29. I lost my black DKNY umbrella that I love :-(

30. Weíre having a Christmas luncheon at work

31. YippeeeÖ*insert sarcasm*

32. They never spell my name right on the starbucks cup!

33. Why do they insult me so often?

34. What will I order when Gingerbread latteís are gone?

35. What am I getting from husband for Christmas?

36. I got my laptop back last night with first half of Infection intact still on there.

37. Still didnít get my MP3 player port configured.:-(

38. Still canít find my cable for my Jam Cam :-(

39. My car hydroplanes in the rain. Got Tires?

40. My coworker just got a new haircut and his scalp looks ugly.

41. My employer finally got a company website set up but I canít access it from work????? Say what????

42. My name is listed on itÖbut I canít look at it from work???? AGAIN SAYYY WHAT?????

43. Iím tired.

44. I donít want to party.

45. My coworker with the bad hair cut picks his nose while talking to everyone. Dig, flickÖtalk. Pig!

46. Iím so ready for a vacation.

47. Is it time to go home yet?

48. If YOU are reading thisÖ.fuckÖIím so mad at you for keeping me up all night!

49. Yeah paybacks a bitch.

50. Iím done bitching.

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