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Monday, May. 30, 2005

Just wanted to mention that I read a diary today and she talks about getting her financial aid money and spending it on things for her kids.  Something I can totally understand as a mother.


However, because I work for the largest University in the United States and we’ve all read the “dooced” story, I must caution anyone with a blog, diary, website, etc that receives financial aid…that…


Spending your financial aid money on your kids, your non-educational bills, your car, your mortgage, your electricity bill …well that is against the law according to the United States Government.  You must spend that money on educational needs and unfortunately the government doesn’t believe in what she wrote on her website….


I buy my books with a student loan which also is used to catch up on my bills or to fix my cars which keep breaking down because they are OLD.



The government will prosecute against you if they can prove that you are blowing your financial aid money on fixing your car(s).  The University that I work at strongly advices us that if we hear a student complaining about needing their f.a. check because they need to pay “their mortgage” or their “car payment” or they need to buy a pair of shoes for their child that we need to immediately turn them into the government and they will lose their f.a. monies.  The government doesn’t mess around.


Lastly, and this is not a personal attack against anyone, but please please stop writing in your website (that you pay to have hosted, etc) that you just don’t have any money.  Having no money means you have no computer in your house, it means that you are homeless, etc.  Having no money also does not mean you own more than one car!


I used to be broke. I used to live in a 12 x 67 trailer in PA back in the day. I used to turn on the oven for heat.  I used to….wah wah…. I used to have nothing.


These days, I like to bitch that I don’t have any money because I wish I could go on a big vacation or that I could buy another pair of shoes or another damn book (and we all know I need another book like I need another hole in my damn head!!)  But I drive a late model vehicle (and I actually own 2 cars myself), I have shoes out the ying/yang, I can buy my son a lot of things, I have a laptop, an Ipod, a lot of shit….a lot of shit that we as humans don’t need to survive but want….we want….we want everything.  I go to Starbucks far too often, I can buy myself lunch most days and I can afford to give my son lunch money.  Of course I don’t live in a nice house in Cali either, but these are all things we make choices about. Lately I've struggled with money because I have bad spending habits and am faced with higher fuel costs and trips across the bay for work purposes. But mostly it's my bad spending habits that make my financial life a struggle. I just suck with money when I have it and can spend it rather than when I don't have it and get used to scrimping.  If you are food poor because your rent is too high…well then quit bitching about having to eat macaroni and cheese everyday and move.  Or wait…try getting two jobs.  Something I can easily say because…I’ve done it.


I know how hard it is to not have money for bills…..but I’m also very aware that the government will drop your F.A. if you keep blabbering about paying for new stuff for your kids with it.  Not a smart idea.  I’m not judging…I’m trying to help you blabbermouths shut up and keep your Financial Aid monies because after all you’re going to have to pay the government back someday.  One reason why I’m already planning on staying in college to obtain my Masters Degree.  Master’s or pay back the government…hmm…..more school or more bills????  That’s an easy decision.


One last thing….


Trust me your financial aid paperwork does not say you can use it for anything you wish.  That's la la land speaking not reality. They gave you a loan because some dumbass college wanted the money they would make from you.  Just because some dumb employee working for some college told you that you can spend the money on anything you wish does not mean that’s what the government says.


Keep blabbering about what you spend your f.a. on and you'll lose your damn f.a.  Keep writing about it on your public website that you don’t pay for….and…you’ll be out of school quick with debt and NO education and a big mess with the U.S. Government.




If you don't believe me... The Federal Student Aid Information Center hotline, 1-800-4-FED-AID. Ask them. If it's a federal loan...you're breaking the law! This is just one of my pet peeves. People in school just to gain the low interest loan, not to gain an education. It just pisses me off when I have to wonder.... Lastly what I spend my f.a. money might be no one's business but it is the governments money you're using so it is their business so shut up already!
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