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Monday, Jul. 21, 2003
Ok..in other news. Bucky came over last night for just a few hours since I got out of work early. I bought him some Tommy Hilfiger threads that he's been wanting and I wanted to give them to him. He stayed over night. I was watching him sleep, his face never changes. It's the same Bucky face he had when he was a baby. So cute...

Tonight I got out of work early again. This is great because I had some time to chill out and do nothing much. I went to the bookstore, I spoke to my friend Diane after months of no contact. She's doing well, got a new boyfriend that she's living with.

I got into too many arguments with Rick about too many things. Some major..but mostly it's all this little bickering type stuff. I lied to him and that's not a little thing. I just wish we could get back on track.

I stayed up tonight to spend time with him and he's at his brother's. Go figure...I don't want to say he can't go hang out with his brother...but I still feel pretty neglected.

Ok I'm done blathering on now...

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