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Sunday, Oct. 29, 2006
I was just sitting here alone feeling like crap about something totally unrelated and stupid and went to check my email and saw I had a note....from my son. My son who has always made my life worth living simply because he exists. Yes...I'm quite sappy about my son. I always have been. But when I tell people he is the reason I am who I am, it is the truth.

He left me a note here on diaryland. It reads as follows and I think it's self explanatory as to why I was brought to tears. I am so blessed.

from koolkkb :
mom. your the awsomest mom a kid could have. =] i love you soo much, and i hope you know that already. i adore the time we spend together, its the best thing in a lifetime, to have memories with that special person you love, and for me thats you. you might not beleive me, but you can ask my friends.. sometimes, they get mad at me for talking about you too much. every week when we spend time together, i go to schoo, and brag about how cool my mom is, and how much i love her. you might think this is cornie, but, its the truth. i love you! love keith

I don't think it's cornie....I love you right back...from here to the moon and back.

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