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Monday, Dec. 01, 2003
It's Monday night and I still haven't heard if I got the job. I can only say that they haven't made a decision yet. The powers that be want to torture me I suppose. The interview went extremely well and served only to make me want the job all the more.

When I was little my mother used to tell me that once a month they held a big meeting at the war memorial in J-town whereby they placed my picture up on a projector and discussed how best to torture me for the following month.

Today I thought about how horrible of a thing that is to tell your kid. Then I thought about how she musta just had a brand new meeting today ...the first of the month. ha!

B.F. is mad at me, rightfully so. I had a major chick fit last night. I cannot even pinpoint why. I just blew up. It wasn't physically violent..but all the same it sucks because he split out for tonight...and I'm really sorry for what I said and did last night.

Chloe drug a corn cob she found on top of the trash all over the apartment. Little flecks of corn. Ugh....

I think this months meeting must have been a long one.

Bucky...I haven't seen him in 8 days because he went to PA. I did however speak to him last night. But ....*(@!&Y#^!(&!) its just not the same....


I think if I just realized that I deserve to be happy and let things be... I might get farther ahead in blissland.
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