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Monday, Nov. 18, 2002
Co-workers went to Germany to the Electronica convention and all I got was a German stapler they had to buy there to use and a carry on suitcase full of business cards with contact information that needs to be inputted into our database. Guess who gets to do that?

a note for Ryan

Blue Joules is playing outside of the venue and so you could go and see them play for free if you want. Im pretty sure that Our Lady Peace is opening up for Creed and heres a link to the ticket master information. Im not sure yet if I am going to pay all that cash to see mostly Creed play but if you decide to go see Blue Joules you might want to wait for November 30th and see them play at Gasoline Alley, Ill definitely be at that show and Ill buy ya a drink if ya come out. Oh and.I might just flip for a copy of the CD for ya too, that is if ya show up!

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