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Saturday, Jan. 15, 2005
Last month when I got a picture of fuzzy-grey’s dog Chewie (Chloe's internet doggie boyfriend) in his chair and heard her story of how he wouldn’t let a 3 yr old child use his own chair and so they bought him his own…well before I finish check out the cutie that is Chewie in his Blue Clues chair….
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Chewie’s so cute. He has floppy ears and he’s to die for cute. :-) And look how happy he is to have his very own chair.

Well when I saw and heard about his love for this chair I decided right then that Chloe had to keep up with the Chewie’s of the world…..

After much hunting on ebay and being outbid and finding insane people out there will pay upwards of $70 for this chair….and after a $19.99 buy it now find late one night at 1 a.m., and then having it arrive this morning only to have the man tell me that she would only ignore it like she did her pretty pink princess bed I bought her just last month, oh and there was his small rant about how I buy the dog more presents than I buy him and he always buys me da "bling bling" not her...(jealous of the dog much honey???)....ahhh it’s all worth it because...check out the happiness that is my little Chloe’ness.

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To say I love this dog would be a huge understatement. Oh, she always puts her ears back on her head when I tell her to say cheese. :-) Silly sweet dog. Oh she likes the little pillow her new chair came with toooooo. Now her and Chewie can furnish their first lovenest. :-)

Oh and if I had to choose between da bling bling or the Chloe'ness....I'd go diamond nakie for sure...

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