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Sunday, Aug. 21, 2005
Today we all slept in rather late. We got up and drove to Tampa to Mosi to see the Bodies in Motion display. Amazing…that’s all I can say. Absolutely amazing to see in person. My son was not squeamish but instead he was curious and interested. Of course we did giggle about the belly button’s and butt holes that were left behind. All humans were anatomically correct and when you’re 12 you tend to giggle about these things and I giggled along with him to ease the nervous tension. There’s a great great article so worth reading… right here!

The process they use to take polymer rubber and replace human tissue and reattach it all to the skeletal remains of actual cadavers is amazingly real and educational. It’s a chance to see your body and how it works. I overheard one woman say “wow…god’s masterpieces finally on full display”. The human body is amazing….truly.

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Also here’s some photographic evidence of the finished product!Ironically enough today's museum visit contained information about tattoo's and just how long human beings have been beautifying their bodies.
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Spending time with my son….always flies by too fast.
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