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Friday, Nov. 17, 2006
First before I get into my topic….”huge kudo’s to my hott husband for getting a hair cut….not just any hair cut but the haircut that ruins marital panties around these here parts….I love you and you’re sexy as hell with that haircut honey!” ok..now back to regular business…

I consider myself to be very fortunate in the friendship(s) area, even if my husband thinks its unfortunate. I don’t have this big gaggle of friends but the one’s that I do have are special. They end up being long term and they somehow outlast most people’s friendships too. I’ve been friends with my friend Carla since I was 14, suffice it to say that is a long long time. I think she’s currently just pleased that I’m almost done reading The Power of One because she’s been on me for years to read that book and I never have. Finally….I am…which proves you can never say never. Friends make you do things you wouldn’t normally do but then are glad you did.

I just celebrated a 1 yr anniversary with the ladies in my book club. This is meaningful to me because I set out to make this happen and I refused to fear being friends with women and I have accomplished this. The experience of it continues to be enlightening and I am blessed by my interactions with them every month. We have read some great novels but more importantly I have overcome some deep seeded personal fears.

Sometimes I don’t keep track and then one day I count the years and I am amazed at how old I am…er…I mean how long I’ve been friends with some people. Who can tell me who this is? If you’re a long time reader…you’ll have a better chance. This is a friend of mine, for whom I’ve been friends with since my son was about 6 or 7 years old. I love my friend……he never fails to make me smile from afar.

He recently told me he was reading my diary here….after a long time away. I forget that I put my entire life on the net sometimes but I do think it’s a nice thing when it brings my friends closer.

I didn’t ask for his permission but then again you can’t really see his face….so hopefully he will realize I’m simply reminding myself of how super oober lucky I am to know him. He’s served as guardian angel, friend and supernatural overseer of good in my life for so many years I’m having trouble counting them. I love him….and our friendship. I especially love that when I see his name in my email I know ahead of time I will smile…..friendship is so priceless…so undervalued in the world and so very appreciated in my life.

When I think back to where I worked, what I was doing and what was happening in my life when I met this particular friend I am shocked and amazed at how very much my life has changed since then. It’s completely different. I know that his life has had changes as well, but there’s one constant throughout all of those changes. He’s my friend. He makes me smile. He’s someone I’m still thrilled to know. He’s getting married soon to what I hear is a great girl and I couldn’t be happier for him. I’m working on convincing him to blog because he’s quite entertaining…and talented.

And if you do end up reading this..thanks for all the countless years of being my bud.

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