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Thursday, Jul. 08, 2004

The following pictures are of books I bought tonight with little to no thought processes..no agonizing or wondering if they would be good or worth my hard earned cash....it was just pure unadulterated book whoredom….with a smile!!! I think I had a bookgasm...yah I know I did. My pages were all wet.

Brother and Sister (amazon price $16.77)I paid 99 cents!

Blood Done Sign My Name (amazon price $16.80) I paid 99 cents!

Blue Suburbia (amazon price $10.36) I paid 99 cents!

Aloft (amazon price $16.97) I paid 99 cents!

The Hundredth Man (amazon price $16.77)I paid $2.99

Crossing California (amazon price $16.97) I paid $2.99

The Perfect Play (amazon price $24.95) I paid 99 cents!

retail poetic-tail
24.95 0.99
$10.36 $0.99
16.97 2.99
16.77 2.99
16.80 0.99
16.77 0.99
102.62 9.94

BOOYAHHHH!!!! And why did I get such a deal? Because these were Advance Reader copies of mostly brand new novels only available as hardbacks and these are paperback...found at an out of the way used bookstore near my job...and and and....oh hell I have that just laid feeling...anyone have a smoke?

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