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Friday, Jul. 14, 2006
I updated my book review site for those of you that would want to know. Friday morning’s are slow in blogland. There’s nothing new to read. Boring. I’m caught up with most of my work and there’s nothing pressing. I work better when there’s pressing matters. I work like a wild woman loving every minute of that thrill. The other stuff…boring! Yes…clearly I am bored this morning.

I found $6 shoved into my pocket this morning. It was there when last I wrote these pants. Sweet.

I’m totally bored. Totally bored. We’re half staffed and it’s all just boring. Bored…yes boring. I’m so flipping bored. I hate Friday’s.

Just when I thought this might get boring
Wake me up in the morning by pouring
Honey on my body and licking it off


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