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Tuesday, Jun. 10, 2003
I'm at the library. I got sprung out of work due to a nasty mold issue there. I came here so that maybe Rick can get a few hours of sleep without me there making noise. I'm gonna go home soon though. I am loving the fact that I got a day off, but then again whats the point of working a part time job just to lose hours at the full time job? Go figure.

I heard from "t" today. He's doing well. Back in Afghanistan. No explaination for his long absence of contact. Not that it matters. I'm just glad that soilders alive and well.

I have 3 books that are 7 day books....meaning you can only check them out for 7 days at a time. They are...

A Cleaning Woman - Christian Oster
Christopher - Allison Burnett
We can still be friends - Kelly Cherry

I think I'm going to get Christopher and try like hell to actually read a book this week on top of working 60 hours. Can it be done? Yes I think so.

Ex called me yesterday regarding the no contact issue. One source says I'm legally allowed to have contact, yet the deferrment program says I can't. I don't know who to trust, but I know that I can't trust him. The minute I choose to just go there and get my kid...she'll freak out and call the cops and WHAM there I'll be back in the clink.

Amanda (manda-d) said that she's bored with diaryland. I think I have been there before. I go through phases with this place. Sometimes I feel that I can't just let my thoughts flow anymore because Rick has the link. Other times I am arrogantly defiant and say "it's my place to vent" and I'll say whatever the f**k I want!!!! But I think there are far too many people out there that read my page for their own sick amusement. Those that have made mistakes of their own and want to puff up their own ego by saying "look I don't have it as bad as her!" But the fact remains that no one out there reading my diary really knows me...but Rick. Rick reads, he knows me. A few others...perhaps they know me. But not in the realm of real life in most cases. So it's a perspective thing. Keep it all in perspective I suppose.

Alrighty...I'm getting evil looks from the librarian for my loud fast typing. Gotta fly....


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