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Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2002
Last night was answer email night. I end up with tons of emails in my inbox that I haven’t done anything with but ponder’ed them. Last night I fondled and mentally fucked those bastards with brilliant replies and uh… ok so yeah. I pondered them again. *sigh*

t’s been totally wrapped up in working on cyber warfare over there the last 2 nights. And that’s ok. That’s his job. He and I are in touch and that’s really all that matters. I just miss him when too many days go by without being able to really speak to him. Last night I wrote him a really sappy email. I get in those sappy moods. He never comments about my sap surges.

last night I wrote him stuff like this….

Sometimes I look at you or just think about you and for unexplainable reasons I feel like the luckiest girl alive just to know you. Maybe that one thing is a far bigger feeling than any happily ever after. Maybe this one thing, knowing this one thing just erases the last two words from every fairytale book.

He says he reads my emails 2 and 3 and 4 times because he can’t believe anyone can write emails that good. Geez…it’s just sappy sludge.

Ok onto the homefront. Husband with his newfound disease. He’s buying books about it and whining about it and all he does is come home and sleep all night. Last night I did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned up after 2 dogs, fed 2 dogs, cleaned up after dinner and generally busted my hump while he laid in bed claiming illness. Hey I can come home everyday and sleep all night because I’m tired. That’s an illness now? phhhft…

awwwwwwww t came to say g’mornin to me…

me: did you get my email?
t: yep
t: yep
me: that was sappy
me: i just looked at it this morning and thought I need to not send email late at night
t: nope
t: unless...
t: you mean in the sense that it was Sweet like Maple sap?

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