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Sunday, Sept. 22, 2002
I totally love BraN. I can't look at pictures of him and not feel completely happy inside. He's a giant smile in my opinion. Everything that a smile encompasses. He's got the biggest happiest personality. I just adore him.

He just got his first pad of his own in London.....check out that sheik looking joint....I'm so happy for him. I gotta send him a padwarming present. Any ideas???

I wrote this poem a long time ago for BraN and it still holds true…he has it taped to his computer monitor…still…

You are Liked

You are like chocolate ice cream on a sunny day.
Dripping down my chin I don’t wipe you away.
You are like cotton candy on a carnival day.
Sticky on my fingers I cannot lick you away.
You are like marshmallows on a camping day.
Oozing all over me in the most delicious way.
You are like bubbly champagne on a wedding day.
Spilling wishes over my cup that only you could say.
You are like a homemade pie on a winter day.
Filling me with warmth that will always stay.
You are like bubble gum every single day.
Bubbly is your laughter easy your child’s play.
You are like a piñata on a festive day.
Spilling forth your sweetness in everything you say.
You are my smile every single day.
Happily I smile in every kind of way.
You are liked my friend in every way.
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