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Wednesday, May. 05, 2004
Iím alive. Iím fairly o.k. Yesterday it rained. On the way to work I took photographs, but I donít have them uploaded to sprintpcs because their website sucks. Iíll post them later. I spent my evening reading ďThe Devil wears PradaĒ. A totally brit lit type of bubble gum book only itís about a girl in New York and her fashion career. Stupidity to the max and Iím reading it mindlessly and enjoying the hell out of it because right now I donít much have the stamina for anything mentally taxing.

Iím so busy at work itís beyond my ability to fathom and thatís all I can or will say about that.

I just bought a purse that looks like a cigar box. So terribly kitschy and I love it already. The girl at the outlet center told me that they are selling similar purses at the beach for well over $60. I sure hope those ones are much nicer than the one I just bought. I bought it simply because itís so odd that itís charming. Come to find out later you can find them amass onlineÖ (http://www.mycigarboxpurse.com/petitepurses.html) How kewl. You can even learn how to make them here (http://www.diynet.com/diy/cr_diy_people/article/0,2025,DIY_13752_2276941,00.html)Perhaps I will start a new collection. *shrugs* However, I donít smoke cigars.

note: If anyone ever calls you on the phone and sings ďI just called to say I love you..Ē you should immediately gush and sing something back in return.

spanks to my well wishers on my guestbook...I appreciate it guys...
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