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Monday, Sept. 12, 2005
I havenít been writing about what I am reading as of late, so itís time to update that front. In fact itís my favorite thing to actually write about here. I recently ran into some blogs online that belong to people that lived in New Orleans. There was much hubbub in the blog world and therefore I found some new and interesting blogs the unfortunate way. I came across Poppy Z Brites live journal this way and decided to give her book Liquor a try. I had picked it up in the past and contemplated buying it but wasnít well informed about her as a writer.
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That was a week ago. I am nearly done with Liquor and I am in love with it. In love. The characters are fully fleshed out. To the point where they become people you know and care about. I would be lying if I didnít mention that the novel is set in New Orleans and that my mind kept falling onto now familiar streets and places (because of CNN). I kept thinking that the places and thoughts in this book have been so damaged. I know that with change comes good things, but the book echoed thru me with a certain sadness that wouldnít have been there prior to Katrina. Either way, it would have been a good read back then, but oddly enough it was like a warm blanket of memories that werenít mine but slowly became mine as I read. It was the perfect book to read this week because it instilled my wish to see things be rebuilt in quick fashion and with the same heart and soul. I want to believe that if it happened once it can happen again.
I am 3/4 of the way through liquor and I already bought the follow up novel, Prime.
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Iím glad that I am reading Liquor when Prime is already written and sitting on my shelf waiting for me to finish. Iím looking forward to putting down one book and picking up the next without a pause. Now if I could just finish it all within the next 24 hours since a new class starts tomorrow. My week off is over. But this week of reading for pleasure was sweet. I read a few other things in part and partial, Iíll talk about them soon. In the meantime say a prayer for Poppy Z. Brite and her family; they are currently displaced from their home in New Orleans.
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