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P o B r o n s o n came to my house!

Saturday, Apr. 03, 2004
I think it’s finally safe to say that I am going to be in the next Po Bronson book. Not I, but my story. I will not divulge that here, but rather talk about meeting Mr. Bronson. He’s very engaging, and I am very happy with the way the Interview process went. I felt that I was able to accurately tell my story and for that I am glad.

We spoke the entire time but there were some intense moments when things brought tears to my eyes, when memories flooded me and I cried. But for the most part the questions were intelligent and insightful and I can certainly see why and how it is that Po is successful.

I was speaking to Sandy whenever he arrived. He’s quite handsome to say the least and I told her so as well. I asked him to kindly do me a favor and say hello to my friend who was just as excited. He got on the phone and immediately engaged in friendly conversation with Sandy as well.

When this whole event started, in it’s virginal stages I thought I would be nervous and I wasn’t so much nervous as I was excited. But I varied during the 8 hours I spent with him. I went from being like “wow this is a best-selling author” to being more aware that he’s a real person with a job and a family and a very cute child that he adores and clearly has a close relationship with. But he’s also very humble, very kind and views his success and his career as a writer as his job in a serious way.

He immediately checked out my books, it is my belief that any writer would and should do this. He knew a lot of what I had and was familiar with the books and the writers and reviews written for their books. He had already heard of Tod Goldberg because he stated there was an affiliation through his publishing company, but he gladly took the copy of “Living Dead Girl” and thanked me for sharing it.

I asked him to sign my brand new laptop and he hesitated saying, “Are you sure?” “Are you sure?” To which I said, “Yes I would love to have you do it and I bought a new marker just for you to sign it.” He sat down and signed my laptop with his name and today’s date. Amazing, just truly amazing. I got chills. But I was also happy to see that my asking thrilled him. That shows a lot about a person. He signed it and dated it. I caught him in action.

He also signed a copy of each and every one of his books that I bought for him to sign, and for myself to read. He thanked me a few times for buying his books, stated that means a lot to writers.

We spoke at great length; he photographed my photos of my storyline/life. We then went to the bookstore. We went to the bookstore together. Can you just die at this? It would have seemed something highly unlikely month’s ago and yet when it happened, I was merely glad to have engaging company in the bookstore. He pointed out authors to me that he personally knew, met or had affiliation with.

At the bookstore he had to buy 2 copies of his book for a speaking engagement he has soon so yes that is his bestselling book in his hands. We then went to the kid’s section, as he wanted to pick out a Lemony Snicket book for my son since he knows the author personally. He dedicated the book to my son and signed it as well. Very sweet gesture. He asked me if I wanted a book and I said no, but my son would love his gift.

We went out for sushi dinner, (I even tried barbeque eel and had my first sorta cheat on my diet as rice is carbs, but heyyy this dinner is a once in a lifetime…) we talked at great length about many many things and then came back and did some video taping of my account of the story he’s including in his next novel. The videotaping was intense for me, I felt scrutinized emotionally. But I had good reasons for moving forth and doing this so I put it out of my mind and I started to feel comfortable. At the very end he stood up and hugged me, thanked me for my time and said “that was great…great.” And then just as fast as he came around the corner he left. I’m wired, very tired emotionally, drained but satisfied with the events of the day, the process was a good experience and the time was well spent. I look forward to the end result and someday seeing my name in print, my story given respect and the light these things deserve.

On one final note…I love you Daddy. I think of you every single day of my life.

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