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Thursday, Jul. 24, 2003
My sister called me tonight. Its the first time in forever...but she did. But then again it was after I called her earlier. I suppose after years of lying from a distance about my ex and not divulging his true evils...when I finally admitted these things to my sporatic non-involved in my life family they are all wide eyed. Even relatives like to watch a train wreck I suppose. But the difference between me and most people is I truly don't give a flying F**K what people think about me. I talked to my sister while trying on bathing suits at Walmart. This in itself was a nightmare but I digress..... (I found a pink and white one that is cute...until I put it on and feel like a neon sign flashing...just not my normal suit style so I feel awkward..) So my sister says "how do you feel about this whole thing?" Unfortunately my Sprint PCS account doesn't give me nearly enough minutes to explain all of that to her. I simple said, "It's impossible to explain it all...unless you've been me." I will say I feel a sense of relief. I feel a sense of having won because I no longer am controlled by his folly. I am not nearly as perfect as I'd pretend to be if I were on an interview for something important, but I am far from the dispatch of ugliness that ex is. And therefore....I am more and more at peace.

Bucky is doing well and I'm planning on going to Chuckie Cheese and picking him up tomorrow. That'll be kewl. Expensive pizza, kiddie atmosphere and blue eyed cuteness.

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