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Monday, Aug. 12, 2002
Just now I was cleaning out my yahoo account and came across these emails I “hacked” and found in husbands email way back when in 2000 and forwarded to myself to document what was going on…. These were a month after his return pleading for forgiveness, telling me it was over and how badly he wanted to salvage our marriage…he was still carrying on with her behind my back. And yup…I hacked his email…it was pretty easy. “what is the name of your dog?” doh…. Read this shit…then tell me “loki” how fucked I am. Keep in mind…up until this point where he left me for this…his ex-girlfriend… I was faithful…. I was completely married… Edward incidentally was Christmas’s husband and yup I told him everything and anything he wanted to know because he was the only person that would drive 5 miles down the street to sit and watch my son come out of that one bedroom furnished shit hole every morning to go to school….just to tell me he was alive and ok!!! Yeah….so…whatever…

From: "Christmas"
To: "B”
Subject: miss you
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 11:07:37 –0500


Hey! It was so good to get your e-mail today. I think of you every minute of every day. And I too am praying constantly that our time apart will be as short as possible. It is so difficult to live without you. But I do promise to use the time as wisely as possible. So that when we are together there will be no distractions, or at least as few as possible.

Aparently Edward is amazed at my lack of objectivity where you are concerned. he absolutely cannot understand how I cannot see what he sees. i guess because he has never alowed for me to have a mind of my own or opinions in the past, he can't figure out why I am not submitting this time. It's driving him crazy. Because, yes, I am doing what he tells me, so his attacks are limited, but he hasn't been able to brainwash me as usual. Or at least cause me to just accept it.

Can I tell you a funny thing? yesterday, when Patty and I were talking, she commented on me being young and starting over with you... well, she thought I was 25. And this morning I was working with a very young professor (23yrs) we were talking about age. He thinks I'm 25 or 26. Now, you know I love this stuff! Are you tired of me talking about how young I look yet? I got to find my little pleasures where ever I can!

Oh yeah, when I got home last night Edward asked me if I made any phone calls while I was out! i said, yeah i used one of the phones in the electronic dept.

Do your parents know anything about what's going on? I told my mum everything. i mean about what Edward is trying to do to me and to us. She's not completely surprised. However she was surprised to find out that he has been treating me this way all along, i mean for 7 or 8 years.

Brandon told me he misses you and loves you, and “bucky” too. He often asks when you will be back, but I remain vague. I miss “bucky” a lot, too. i'm glad to hear he is doing better there. I wish you could tell him I'm thinking about him. But I understand.

Well, i need to go for now, but i will do my best to e-mail as often as possible during the day. I love you with all that I am. It is remembering what it felt like when we were together that helps me to get through each day.


From: "Christmas"
To: "B"
Subject: Stuff
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 15:58:36 –0500


I was just wondering... remember how Edward said he did a background check on you? well, I'm pretty sure he got his info from K. But would you know how I could do a check on someone? I think it would be useful to find a list of things Edward has been involved in, in the last several years.

I am also curious about something you told me about some law or something that says after so much time has passed a record is inadmissible or not pertinent. I can't remember what you said.

e- me soon. I miss you.
Love ya

the real bitch of this.... when I asked him if he was emailing with her..he flat out stared me right in the face and said no... there's just some shit you don't forget...regardless of time..
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