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Friday, Jan. 23, 2004
Every woman out there has a list of things they look for when they meet or check out the opposite sex. This list I'm talking about is purely that list of things we check out whenever approached or introduced to a man. We all have that list of "must haves" that determine whether or not we will go out with the object of our desire. We have the list that we admit to and the list that we don't openly acknowledge. We check out a man's physique the same way or similiar to how a man checks out a womans physique. We do the up and down eyeballing they do. C'mon admit it..we do.

It's usually "eyes...smile...bulge....eyes....chest....smile...butt...bulge...eyes....butt." Or some such thing that encompasses this. We all do it....admit it, at least to yourself.

This has nothing to do with the long list of things we look for that have nothing at all to do with appearances. This is the list of things we visually check out. We all do this. Sometimes consciously and sometimes not.

On my list of things to check out is...of course...THE BUTT. And my BF has a great BUTT. Absolutely awesome. And he knows I think it, he's been told by others, and if there was such a thing as a butt model then he could be one. He'd make a buttload of cash too. Pun intended.

Proof follows:

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